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Does it seem like strange days? This is a blog that chronicles the signs that a chthnoic boom is coming.

Chthnonic: pronounced 'thonik'; Of or relating to the underworld. [From Greek khthonios, of the earth, from khthōn, earth.]

Thursday, May 18, 2006

A new direction...If the World Were to End Tomorrow?

I've decided the old format for Chthonic Boom wasn't appealing to me any longer, so in my long absence I've been contemplating a new direction. I won't take time to describe it too much here, but I will say it will very basically do three things: watch for signs that the underworld is encroachign (chthonic), chronicle my thoughts about such apocolyptic signs in prose or verse, and seek out from readers what they would miss if the world ended tomorrow. I'm also going to be keeping a blogroll of sites that focus on similar chthonic/end of days sites and ask readers to submit more!

If all goes well, I'll post in this new format tomorrow.

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