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Does it seem like strange days? This is a blog that chronicles the signs that a chthnoic boom is coming.

Chthnonic: pronounced 'thonik'; Of or relating to the underworld. [From Greek khthonios, of the earth, from khthōn, earth.]

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Day 1: The Prophecy of the Polls


Last night I dreamed
: that while crossing a crystal-blue river on a wood-slat bridge, I fell and grabbed the rope-railing just in time. As I tried to swing across, hand-over-hand, I began to fall asleep and realized I would fail to make it.

The bad news is: "Some 60% of people in 35 countries surveyed believe [the war in Iraq has increased the likelihood of terrorist attacks worldwide] against just 12% who think terrorist attacks have become less likely," according to a poll from the BBC.

The good news is: CBS News poll finds Dubya's approval rating at 34%.

May you live in interesting times: Half of all adults believe in ghosts, almost a third believe in astrology, and more than a quarter believe in reincarnation – that they were themselves reincarnated from other people. Majorities of about two-thirds of all adults believe in hell and the devil, but hardly anybody expects that they will go to hell themselves. (from a 2003 Harris Poll.)

Boom level:
Boisterous tapping.

*photo credit:adamstein.org

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