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Friday, April 07, 2006

Day 24: Regret

Sorry I've been away, dear Void. I needed a break from casting thoughts into you and waiting for the sound of hitting bottom that never comes. But I'm back.

In today's post
Just some awesome links.

Last night I dreamed that
I was back in high school performning in the show choir. But one of the other singers (I can remember her name, picture her face, but she was NEVER in choir and I don't think I ever talked to her) started talking smack about me. Long story short, she was angry that I had publicly embarrased a friend of hers (and a former friend of mine) by writing a nasty poem. What's weird about this is that I actually do regret something similar in high school, deeply regret it. (Weren't we all different people back then?) I don't know why this particular regret surfaced then and there, but I felt a wave of sadness during the dream that really reflected my waking self's present day regret. Terribly odd and unsettling. And out of nowhere.

Just some cool links today: Check out these AWESOME 'Creepy but creative' photoshopped pictures.

Visit the Speech Accent Archives and check out nutty accents from around the world. My favorite so far is from some 18-year old guy from Quebec, eh. Click the play button.

Top 10 impostors in history. Sorry, Bush isn't included.

Are Anti-biotics killing us
? Well, are they?

This is righteous! Some guy draws a line in the sand about American culture.
Read the whole thing. You'll love it. Here's the into.
I don't have much time - I fear that no one will continue my work after I go. This message contains the eleven phenomenon within American culture that are in need of urgent, immediate remedy. I have organized them in order of importance and gravitas. The list begins with items that are mere grotesque annoyances. The list ends with a discussion of things that threaten civilization as we know it. Pour yourself a glass of grain liquor and brace yourselves."

Last but not least, let us consider the SUV.
First: a contest from Chevy to create an ad. What could go wrong?

Check out what some people did with such a rich opportunity to call attention to our dependance on oil, etc.

Thanks, Kate!

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