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Chthnonic: pronounced 'thonik'; Of or relating to the underworld. [From Greek khthonios, of the earth, from khthōn, earth.]

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Day 23: Whose party is it, anyway?

In today's post: The return of McCarthyism?, Iran, happiness and money, and an imaginary city.

Last night I dreamed that: A friend from Michigan, from my college days at Marshall, and another from my graduate school days at Emerson all needed a place to stay one night. (I was living with my mother and my sister in a tiny three-room flat in New York (or was it Paris). I was thrilled to see these friends, but quarters were tight. No matter. I made the best of it and went to bed. A few hours later I was awoken by loud partying. I stumbled out of bed to find my apartment was the site of an Oscars after-party. Celebrities of all kinds were milling about drukenly. One major film director was regaling everyone with stories of the first play he ever directed, Ubu Roi. Everyone pretended to be impressed. I tried to quiet everyone down, explaining the my mother and my sister we're trying to sleep and that the neighbors would call the police. No one was listening to me. So I screamed at everyone to get the bleep out! With grumbling and dirty looks, everyone left. The next morning I went in to check on ma and sis and found someone buried under their bed covers. I peeled the covers back to find a very angry Glenn Close. "Ms. Close, it's time to get up," I said. To which she growled drunkenly and yanked the covers back.

The bad news is: Are America's universities becoming places where you could be silenced for your political beliefs? Leave it to a UK publication to ask.

Have you heard about this?
Iran said set to respond to U.S. strike with global terror
Let's play a guessing game. How many times will this be trotted out for the mid-term elections?

The good news is: Paul's Tips has five ways to make yourself happier in the short-term. I think having more money would make me happy, so I'll be reading this Guide to Economic Literacy.

May you live in interesting times: I just think this picture is neat. Imagine all the world's tallest building in one cityscape!

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