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Monday, March 13, 2006

Day 10: Escaping with Our Lives?

In today's post: Out of control kids and the parents that enable them; 'burned out' White House staffers; and brain swapping. (Hmm...interesting thread there?)

Last night I dreamed that: I was one of the Fates, one of three sister-witches. We were being attacked by a large panther creature, with a sheen of dark purple skin and with jagged, angular gargoylish features. The panther creature lived on the top of a grassy hill high above the Cass River in Michigan. He owned a in-ground swimming pool in which swam a deadly jelly fish. When we attacked his lair, the creature tired to work magic and control us, and in fact it cast some kind of possession spell over one of the my sisters (who was, in the dream, my real sister), and she kicked my butt, a la 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'-style martial arts. We tumbled down the hill and escaped with our lives.

The bad news is
: The U.S. reeks of a culture of victimhood, complete with its own "Don't Blame Me Generation," according to Washington Post writer Patricia Dalton."The tendency to shirk the burden of responsibility permeates our family room and our boardrooms," from Cheney's reluctance to come to the press after he shot a man in the face to a young man who refused to take responsibility for maxing out his parent's credit cards. Our culture is based on the belief that, as Dalton puts it, "I am more important than most people: I am good; there, I am incapable of doing bad things." Dalton hits on the head exactly what my friends and I have been noticing and decrying for a year or so now.

Dalton sees the root of the problem in child-rearing. "What is striking today is the number of parents who seem to be uncomfortable with the role of teaching their children. They let the culture do it and hope for the bet. Some even side with their children against authorities." Dalton lists some truly sad examples of parents who let their children call them obscene names, children who defy teachers and then cry 'abuse' when they don't get their way, and parents who don't discipline because they want to 'understand' their kids. You wonder why there's so many problems in this country, why so many of our politicians are liars and thieves, who so many CEO's rip off their investors and workers, why so many kids beat each other up when they don't get what they want....? Here's your answer. We've been saying it all along.

(Via Reddit.com)

A related note: Our Schools Are in Crisis -- a report from New York's Teacher of the Year ....from 1990. Has anything changed? Or has it just got worse?

The good news is:There's no rest for the wicked. The White House staff is 'exhausted'. So sad.
(via Americablog)

May you live in interesting times:
Just when you thought the 'face transplant' was icky enough. What about brain transplants? Scientists are at work on something similar -- brain swapping with animals, for now at least. Think: The Island of Dr. Moreau.
(Via Reddit.com)

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I agree with Patricia Dalton, but I'm wondering if she has kids of her own.
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